This classic furniture piece has seen a resurgence lately, with it showing up in homes all over the place. But don’t necessarily attribute its rise in popularity to people’s propensity for drinking; the bar cart can serve many a purpose other than holding cocktail accouterments. A proper bar cart works well as an easy to move extra surface and storage option for anywhere in the living room. Here are a few things to look for to ensure a bar cart that’s as stylish as it is useful.


The joy of a bar cart is that it can be moved anywhere in the house that it’s needed. However, you want to consider where the your movable bar for the house will spend most of its time. Pick a trolley or cart that suits the space well, either by picking one that’s the same style as the room or complements the colors and decor.

Consider the SizeEdit

Think about the primary spot where your bar cart will reside. You want to pick a cart that fits that space well, but won’t be so large that it is difficult to move. The top surface should provide enough room for the primary function of the piece. Whether it would be holding a variety of aperitifs and liqueurs or an extensive collection of books or plants. 

Opt for WheelsEdit

It’s not really a cart if it doesn’t have wheels, but make sure the one you pick allows for easy mobility. This way you can move it with no problem from one room to the next. This is particularly useful for entertaining, when the party might migrate throughout the evening. Even if no one is drinking, the cart can hold essentials like noshes, cocktail napkins, cutlery and dinnerware close at hand.

Seek Out Extra Storage SpaceEdit

You’ll want a bar cart with ample room on top, but for even more storage choose one with a shelf or two below. Here you can store various objects, from bottles in wine racks to glasses, bar accessories and much more. Again, if the cart won’t be used for cocktails a little extra storage is still helpful. Use the bar cart in the kitchen to stash spare serving dishes, or pile it with books. You can get very creative with uses for this handy piece of furniture.

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