When it comes to decorating and designing a bathroom, most people have trouble thinking outside the box. Sure, it might be hard to find ways to turn a bland, all-white room into a warm, inviting retreat, but it’s possible, as many creative designers and homeowners have shown. Instead of being satisfied with an uninteresting, drab bathroom, give it new life
by adding everything from inexpensive bath mats and towels to an oversize bathtub or trendy vessel sink.

Make your accessories shine. Because a bathroom always has a few constant fixtures (shower, bathtub, toilet and sink), the bath accessories are what make the room truly unique. If you’re a matchy-matchy type, you can get a matching tissue box, tray, soap dispenser and trash can, but make sure to include other designs for variation. For a bit of luxury, include a towel warmer, a makeup mirror and even an armchair or stool for lounging. And, of course, bright towels and bath mats, plus a shower curtain if your shower will take one, are musts.

Add some color in unexpected ways. Much like in the kitchen, bathroom materials are often neutral colors, so try something new by opting for colorful surfaces. Give your bathroom vanity countertop a facelift by going green, blue or yellow, and use a multicolored mosaic tile backsplash to liven up your sink or shower wall. Instead of going with a neutral tile floor, dare to go bold with bright colors or a patterned design.

Go for the remodel. Sometimes your bathroom is beyond repair, and no number of colorful bath mats or cutesy tissue boxes will do the trick. Instead, think about a major revamp by adding a new shower, bathtub, bathroom sink and vanity. Although individual preferences take precedence, pedestal bathtubs, double sinks and walk-in showers are always popular options. If you’re looking to go big, many contemporary showers now have multiple showerheads, including a rain showerhead and handheld showerhead, and vessel sinks and makeup vanities are always elegant additions.

Small touch-ups make a difference. If a remodel doesn’t fit into your budget, there are several small things you can do to freshen up your bathroom. Changing the wall color, bath towels and shower curtain is an easy way to make a big impact. To make and old bathroom feel less retro, you can always switch out old towel racks, cabinet hardware, faucets, bathroom lighting, medicine cabinets and mirrors for newer, trendier models. You can even enhance your shower by replacing a dingy old showerhead with a more high-tech version.

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