If you have a lack of shelving and storage space in your closet, it can turn into a chaotic mess pretty quickly. Closet organizers are a quick and easy way to totally change the look of your closet, without having to go through the hassle of installing new shelving or other custom-made organizational systems. 

Before purchasing a closet organizer , look carefully at your current storage situation. What do you have the most of? What is currently causing the biggest mess? What items do you use most frequently? Looking at the amount of items that need storage, isolating problem areas, and determining which items will need to be right at hand will help you decide what type of closet organizer you need and where it should go in your closet space.

Sometimes it can be more helpful to organize your closet in small stages, rather than doing it all at the same time. Doing bits and pieces of an organizational project can help you figure out how you use things over time, instead of doing everything at once, and figuring out that the system doesn’t work afterwards. 

Some common types of closet organization tools are


Great for storing foldable items and random knick-knacks. Anything that can’t be hung, or might not have a good place on a shelf or hook can be organized and stored into a bin for easy access. 


If you have the space, shelves are a great integrated closet storage option. Easy to set up shelving comes in a variety of materials — from wood, to wire, to metal, to plastic — all of which are great for spaces that might not have enough hanging or floor space.


Plastic, wire, or wooden drawers can be a great way to organize things even further. Portable drawer units can be wheeled into a closet to store things like towels, cleaning supplies, and linens. Smaller drawer units can be used to store jewelry, tools, or any other small household necessities.