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If you're looking for a quick update for the front of your house, consider something as simple as changing your home’s address numbers . It is amazing the difference in curb appeal that this simple fix can make. Perhaps the numbers would be more visible in a different place, or maybe you just need something that fits the style of your home a little better. Whatever the case, an update this easy may be worth a thought. After all, a house that's difficult to find never seems as welcoming as one with an address that's visible, right? 

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your home address numbers:

What Style is Your House?[]

Consider the overall feel of your home when determining which numbers to purchase to be sure they'll work well with the style. Modern address numbers look best paired with a modern house, for instance, while a Spanish-style home would look great with tile address numbers.

What's the Best Placement?[]

Placement is important for address numbers, or else guests might not be able to find your home easily. Pick a place that is easily visible from the street. This could include the front door or exterior of the front wall of the house. For homes with large front yards, it might be better to consider placing numbers on the fence or the mailbox. Make sure your numbers are legible, and can be read by visitors from as far away as the front sidewalk or street. 

Do You Need a Light?[]

If after considering the best location it’s still difficult to see your house numbers when it’s dark, consider a small light above or below to increase visibility. Lighted numbers or solar-powered house numbers are other great options to illuminate your address.

How Should the Number be Displayed?[]

A row of stand-alone numerals are the most typical home address style, but there are plenty of other options too. You could place them horizontally or vertically, or descending at an angle. You could also consider a house number plaque, rather than individual numbers. Some addresses can even be spelled out in letters, rather than using numerals. Or consider custom house numbers for a look completely unique to your home.