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. The living room is place where the entire family shares time and space. Hence, it plays an important role in family bonding.

To lift the spirits of your living room, you can do some simple things that cost you very little. All you need is a knowledgeable, plus, creative plan and a helping hand from a skilled handyman. Rule number one, to maintain the cheerful, inviting atmosphere within the living room (the entire house, as a matter of fact) is to keep it free of scatter.

Decorating the living room  tastefully is easy, fun and is definitely a must. You must match the colors and types of furniture with all aspects of the room, starting from the area of the space, height of the ceilingflooring  and the color of the walls.

Proper Planning and Budget Estimates[]

You first need to make a detailed plan of the decorations and modifications and determine the budget. In decorations and budget planning, you need to consider many factors such as would you need to paint the living room, buy additional furniture for beautifying the room, purchase some more hangings and decorations for wall decorations, and other things. You need to plan a budget according to all these aspects.

Painting the Living Room[]

If the paint on the walls of your living room is fading away, you can think of getting the room repainted. But do this only if your budget permits, or else you will end up spending more on interior painting than spending on doing other primary decorations. When choosing the appropriate paint for the living room, you need to consider faint and lighter colors. These colors will certainly make the room brighter and also bigger. It is also suggested not to use more than one color. You however have the alternative to use two shades of the same color. Using darker colors or many colors would make the room look bad after the decorations are put.

Cleaning the Living Room[]

Before starting the decorations, you need to clean the whole of the living room. Ensure that you take out all the things and materials that you do not use or use very rarely. Remove or shift all the furniture, and sweep the floor and the carpets. With cleaning the floors, you also need to clean the walls and ceiling. If you do not want to do the cleaning yourself, you can hire a professional cleaning service.

Arranging the Furniture[]

Determine if you require additional furniture for interior decorations. There are many types of furniture that are specifically meant for particular occasions, and go along with the decorations. For positioning the furniture, find out the focal point of the room. The focal point can be anywhere such as the place where the TV is kept or the fireplace location. Make sure that you do not arrange too much furniture, which will make the place more congested. Arrange the furniture in an appropriate manner, according to the space left in the room. Common pieces of furniture include an ottomans, loungers, luxury sofas, etc.

Decorating the Walls and Ceiling[]

If you already have wall hangings, consider rearranging them the more appropriate way. Do not put too many wall arts or family photos, as it may look that you have forcefully decorated the walls. The frame color of the hangings should match with that of the walls. If you have high ceilings, the best idea is to place large frames on the walls and put long decorative hangings from the ceiling. You can also put
other decorative accessories on the walls such as paper decorations, wreaths, foil decorations, etc. Whatever type of wall decorations you make, just ensure that they are not too close to each other


Adding Show Accessories[]

There are various kinds of show accessories that can be placed in the living room. You can choose beautiful flower vases, candle holders, art pieces and statues, table lamps, etc. For checking out the varieties on these accessories, you can simply visit your local interior designing stores. In the Christmas season, you can set a decorated Christmas tree near the entrance. This will surely give your living room a Christmas celebration atmosphere. For rooms with fireplaces, the best choice is to color the fireplace or put mirrors at a suitable distance from it, so that they reflect light and enhance the rooms ambiance .