A room of unused knickknacks and junk we do not know what to do with – the storeroom. And for that, it is easily the messiest place at home. You may not think highly of cleaning the storeroom since it is filled with items you do not frequently use, but more often than not, we are just afraid of facing whatever that is stored behind that door. Whether it may be newspapers, bottles, books or gadgets, there are always easy and practical ways to clean up and organise your storeroom to make locating things easier once and for all.

  1. Assess the contents in your storeroom and allocate marked boxes – keep, throw out, give away – to place your stash accordingly. This makes sorting out and how you want to get rid of each item easier later. Be sure to wear a pair of gloves when picking things up, as most items will be very dirty and dusty.
  2. Make sure your storeroom has been emptied of all junk, and move them all to one side to make way for cleaning.
  3. Use a push broom to sweep away the remaining small pieces of rubbish that cannot be vacuumed, before using a vacuum cleaner to rid the storeroom completely of dust and trash.
  4. If you have shelves in your storeroom, use a household cleaner to clean the dust and dirt off them. You can also use it to wipe the walls. Finish off by thoroughly scrubbing with stainless steel pans and soft sponges.
  5. Go through one box of contents at a time and decide if you want to keep them. Letting your stash pile up in your storeroom is not such a good idea, so it is best to throw away anything that is torn or spoilt. Donate items you think you will not need or use often. Use a garbage bag to place everything for disposal, and pack those for donation separately.
  6. Place everything you have decided to keep neatly on the shelves and group them – i.e. books and magazines, clothing, sport equipment et cetera. Loose items can be put into plastic boxes. You may want to mark the boxes and shelves for ease of locating things later.
  7. Finally, place what you need to use more frequently in front of the storeroom, and other unused items or souvenirs at the back.
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